Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan or out for some family fun, the Quad City Storm will entertain you now and for years to come!

The Quad City Storm are back and better than ever for season number two!

Owners John Dawson and Ryan Mosley, both from the Quad Cities and avid hockey players themselves, stepped in when it looked like hockey was done in the Quad Cities. “We’re local owners with a stake in this community so we aren’t going anywhere,” said Mosely. “Our fans are our family and friends, people we see every day in business, church and social events. We knew keeping hockey here was needed.”  Dawson agreed, “Professional sports is a quality-of-life factor for our region and it’s one of the reasons people move here or stay here. Our goal is to be as successful as our other professional sports teams and create a family-fun atmosphere.”

The owners and staff are committed to making the Quad City Storm the community’s team. From player appearances to clinics to learn-to-skate sessions and fundraising opportunities, the Quad City Storm coach and players will be making the rounds in our local communities. “We can make this succeed by giving back to the community and believe the community will support the team” both owners agreed. The games will be full of fun, kids’ activities, promotions and giveaways!